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Acid Neutralisation Filter Vessel - Water Filter Men

    Acid Neutralisation Filter Vessel

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    Product Name: Acid Neutralisation Filter

    USAGE: Raise the PH of the incoming water

    Includes Vessel, valve, internal distributors and media.
    Used to raise the PH of the water. Completely neutralise the acidic water.
    Vessel contains the Filter Media called Calcite and as the water passes through the Filter, the Calcite’s calcium carbonate neutralises the acidic water.

    This process will slightly increase the hardness of the water but normally not enough to cause any scaling. If scale formation becomes a problem, it can be easily solved simply by removing some of the Calcite Media.

    The Calcite Media dissolves very very slowly resulting in the calcite only needing to be replaced every 5 to 10 years.  ‘’


    Includes Vessel, valve, internal distributors and media
    Max. Working Pressure: 10.5bar
    Max. Working Temp: (1 to 50) degree Celsius
    Max. Vacuum: 140 mmHg
    Minimim Exposure Temp.: (-30) degree Celsius
    Colour: Blue
    Head: 3/4" Inlet and Outlet with backwash lever option.
    Media: Calcite
    10 x 54: Volume= 63L  2.2 Cubic Ft
    Threads Upper: 2.5" - 8-NPSM

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