Accessories (17)

        Inline Remineralisation Mineral Filter - Remineralise your water


        Pressure Gauge Water Pressure Tester


        1/4" Pushfit Straight Connector Fitting


        1/4" Pushfit Equal T Fitting Connector


        Water Filter Housing Mounting Brackets


        Water Flowrate Tester - Flow Meter


        Water Pipe Tubing Plastic Inserts


        Inline Tap Shut Off Valve Quickfit Connector Pushfit 1/4 or 3/8 inch


        3/4" bsp to 1/4" pushfit Garden Tap Type Fitting


        Water Softener Descaling Cleaner Self Service Sachet


        Tube Pipe Cutters


        1/4" Pushfit Quickfit Elbow Fitting Connector


        Water Filter Housing Spanner Wrenches


        Reverse Osmosis / Fridge Freezer - ldpe Water Pipe Tubing


        Reverse Osmosis Self Piercing Saddle Valve Clamp


        1/4"Male Run Tee Fitting Pushfit


        Adjustable Inline Water Pressure Regulator Valve 1/4" Pushfit fits all Water Filters and Reverse Osmosis RO Units

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