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39w Ultra Violet UV Steriliser 12gpm Water Filter System Ultra Violet - Water Filter Men

    39w Ultra Violet UV Steriliser 12gpm Water Filter System Ultra Violet

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    Product Name: 39w 12gpm Wholehouse UV Ultra Violet Steriliser Disinfection System

    Removes all Bacteria , E-coli and Impurities from your water

    39w UV Whole House Ultra Violet Light Steriliser Disinfection System installed before the water enters the premises (after the pump on the well or before the rising mains) resulting in complete safety against ecoli , coliform bacteria and other dangerous viruses and bacterias as this 39w UV System removes greater than 99.99% of all known bacteria and viruses.

    Comes equiped with all parts and bulbs ready for installation (prefilter optional)

    A sediment prefilter installed directly before this unit provides a filter stage of heavy sediment enabling additional protection to the UV System form unneeded heavy sediment (a prefilter set up is inexpensive and worthwhile - please see housings and sediment filters in our site or ask for any assistance)

    Flowrate: 12gpm (gallons per minute)
    Dimensions - Length 900mm (approx), Diameter 64mm (approx)
    Inlet and Outlet Ports - Female 3/4" thread
    Casing: Stainless Steel King Size
    LED Alarm for Bulb Life End
    Bulb Life: 9000hours / 12 months


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