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          Filter housings are designed to store drop-in water filter cartridges and most of them are made from strong, durable plastic which helps to facilitate the longevity of the filtration system.

          Water filter housings can be used for point of entry and point of use in filtration systems. Smaller models such as 10-inch housings with quarter-inch ports are generally installed at point of use (e.g. under sink) and provide a restrained water flow. Larger housings such as those which take 20-inch cartridges are usually installed at point of entry (e.g. water mains) and can accommodate a larger flow of water.

          Buy water filter housings from The Water Filter Men

          Water filter housings are renowned for their versatility and we stock housings in a wide range of sizes and fittings so that you can be confident of finding the right one for you. We also have essential accessories such as spanner rings, mounting brackets and couplings so that the housing can be fitted quickly and easily. Also, the ability to change between different cartridge types makes it perfectly suited to any water filtration system.

          Check out our full range of water filter housing products below. If you require advice or further information on any of the products in our selection, please feel free to get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to satisfy your query.

          Water Filter Housings (13)

          5 inch Water Filter Housings with 1/4 inch Ports


          10 inch Jumbo Water Filter Housing Big Blue


          10 inch Water Filter Housing 1/2 inch Ports


          10 inch Water Filter Housing 1/4 inch Ports


          10 inch Water Filter Housing 3/4 inch Ports


          20 inch Jumbo Big Blue Water Filter Housing 1" Ports


          20 inch Water Filter Housing 3/4 inch Ports


          Filter Housing Couplings


          Filter Housing Fittings


          Filter Housing Rubber o Rings


          Rubber O Rings Lubricant Grease Gel


          Filter Housing Spanner Wrenches


          10 inch Water Filter Housing 1/4 inch Ports Double O Ring

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