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          Buy Under Sink Water Filters & Filtration Systems

          There are a range of water filter systems (including reverse osmosis systems) you can buy for your home. For longevity, it is important that you have a high-quality water filter with high specification filters. At The Water Filter Men, our extensive range of under sink water filters will guarantee the removal of many harmful contaminants. Water supplied from the mains contains chlorine, aluminium, lead and fluoride. Understandably, many of us have concerns about these contaminants. By installing an undersink water filter, you can be assured that your water is clean and pure.

          The Benefits of Under Sink Water Filters from The Water Filter Men

          All of our under sink water filter systems dramatically reduce chlorine and organic contaminants. This gives you beautifully filtered water straight from your kitchen tap. Having refreshingly pure filtered water at your kitchen sink has never been easier. Some of the many benefits of under sink water filters include:

          • High-quality water.
          • High production.
          • Low maintenance costs.
          • Comfortable & easy installation.
          • Do not use or add chemical products to your water.

          Choose from Our full Range of Undersink Water Filter Systems Today!

          At The Water Filter Men, we understand that each of our customers has a unique need. Our specialised team of highly skilled professionals ensure that you get the best water filter systems available. All across Ireland, we provide water solutions to a huge range of customers. We are Ireland’s leading experts in providing domestic and commercial under sink water filters. Our water filters can be supplied from a single stage all the way up to a five stage under sink water filter system.

          Undersink Water Filter Systems (26)

          Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Filter System Non-Pumped RO


          NW08 Delux Triflow 3 Way Tap and Filter System


          NW08 Replacement Filter Set


          NW09 Triflow Undersink Drinking Water Filter System


          NW09 Replacement Filter Set


          NW12 Ceramic Undersink Water Filter System


          NW12 Replacement Filter Set


          NW15 Undersink Drinking Water Filter System


          NW15 Replacement Filter Set


          NW16 3 Stage Undersink Drinking Water Filter System


          NW16 Replacement Filter Set


          NW20 Caravan Mobile Home Specsaver Model Undersink Water Filter System


          NW20 Replacement Filter Set


          NW26 Undersink Water Filter System


          NW26 Replacement Water Filter Set


          NW28 Carbon Undersink Water Filter System


          NW28 Replacement Water Filter Set


          NW29 Mini Carbon Undersink Water Filter System


          NW29 Mini Carbon Replacement Filter Set


          NW32 Spacesaver Undersink Water Filter System


          NW32 Replacement Filter Set


          5 Stage Reverse Osmosis Pumped RO Water Filter System


          Reverse Osmosis Replacement Set


          WFM002 Compatible Franke FRX02 & FR9455 Ceramic Filters


          WFM-003 Multi-Stage Ceramic Compatible for Franke FilterFlow


          FilterLogic VFL-401 Compatible with Insinkerator and 3M AP3 Heads

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