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          Ultraviolet (UV) Water Filters & Sterilizers

          We stock UV water filter systems, bulbs and glass tubes for domestic and commercial use, ranging from 6w to 39w. These parts are all quality assured and our UV water steriliser systems can be retrofitted to any existing reverse osmosis system as it complements all such filtration systems with the added UV sterilisation protection stage eliminating e-coli and other impurities.

          Why purchase a UV water sterilizer system?

          No form of bacteria sterilisation is more effective than UV disinfection, which removes more than 99.9% of impurities.

          UV sterilisation allows a calculated flow of infected water to pass through, with high intensity UV light sources deactivating the reproductive capabilities of viruses, bacteria and cysts, causing the cells to die.

          It is recommended that you replace the lamp and pre-filter cartridge in your UV steriliser system annually, as the optimum UV light output begins to diminish after a year of use. UV lamps are most effective in water which has been rid of the hardness and colour that prevents the transmission of UV rays. If water is not naturally soft, it’s recommended that you use a water softener.

          Check out our full selection of UV water steriliser equipment below.

          Buy ultraviolet water filters from The Water Filter Men today

          Ultra Violet Sterilizer Disinfection Systems (10)

          6w UV Replacement Bulb Ultra Violet


          6w 1gpm Undersink UV Steriliser Water Disinfection System


          39w Ultra Violet UV Steriliser 12gpm Water Filter System Ultra Violet


          6w UV Replacement Glass Tube Ultra Violet


          32w UV Sterilizer 6gpm Water Filter System Ultra Violet


          32w UV Replacement Glass Tube


          32w UV Replacement Bulb Ultra Violet Bulb


          39w UV Replacement Glass Tube for Ultra Violet System


          39w UV Replacement Bulb Ultra Violet


          6GPM Ultra Violet UV Sterilizer Water Filter System UVLE

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